Our last visit to Make Your Escape was around a year ago, and as soon as we saw that these two new rooms had been announced, we eagerly awaited their arrival.

These two games are interlinked and can be played head-to-head or as two separate games:

“In an alternate time-line, the world is divided between those who have and those who have not. Utopia and Dystopia share a story and a past, separate yet intertwined, where perhaps not all is as it seems”

We played both games in our group of three, starting in Dystopia and then making our way into Utopia – if you plan to play both, this is the way to do it!


“Beyond the great dome of Utopia lies a desolate wasteland. Disease has ravaged the population, resources are scarce and, for those still managing to survive, life is hard.

Yet, long condemned to the darkness, the Dystopians have become resilient and determined. No longer will they accept their fate quietly and no longer will the advancements of Utopia benefit only the few.

Besides, they’ve made some advancements of their own and Utopia might just need them more than they realise.”

Our GM, Louis, delivered a great backstory whilst in character as a dystopian janitor. The starting area of this game is aptly decorated and really gets you in the zone for the game ahead – harsh wooden benches, untreated decor and propaganda posters made this a great starting zone for the game ahead, and you can’t help but notice the care and attention to detail that’s been shown.

Our first mission was to make our way into the main room, with a series of linear puzzles helping us get there – a nice start to the game testing your teams skills and warming you up. We made our way through into the main game, and the first thing to do is to find a way to switch the lights on. I’ve said this before as I feel it’s important – this is not a dark room for the sake of being dark – it adds to the great theming and most teams will have the lights on after a couple of minutes.

When the lights do come on and you get a clear view of your surroundings, again you can’t help but take a minute to soak it all in – the theming really is on point.

The puzzles in here were varied, with something to test everyone’s brains, and subtle clues dropped around to help you on your way.

With the clock ticking, we made our way through the puzzles and made our hasty but definitely not elegant escape out of Dystopia.

We escaped in a record-breaking 40 minutes having received a couple of subtle nudges along the way. I’m sure someone will soon come along and beat our time though!

After a quick break, it was in to…


“For those in Utopia, life is good and technologically advanced. Every need is catered for. Every wish fulfilled. Overseen by their benevolent government, the Utopians are protected from the outside dystopian world and the disease-ridden creatures that roam there.

As they strive to maintain perfect balance and harmony, will you be able to pass the selection process and begin your new Utopian life?”

In stark contrast to dystopia, the decor here is white and plush, and almost clinical – very in-keeping with what you would expect from a Utopian society.

This time, Louis was in character as our utopian assessment worker, played brilliantly again. Our mission – we are candidates to become part of the utopian society, and must work our way through the trials to succeed.

Similar to Dystopia, we first of all had to make our way into the main room with a nice warm up puzzle to get your brain going. On to the main room!

The main room again was a very clinical and clean affair, excellently decorated with great use of tech in the room for the puzzles. One particular element and puzzle in this room was really fun and well executed, but I don’t want to say much more than that.

We had an issue with one puzzle that didn’t work for us – these things happen in tech heavy rooms, and our GM had a means of fixing it remotely for us and keeping the theme going at the same time – problem solved!

The crux of the room is a series of puzzles deliverered all at the same time, which the three of us cracked on with, at times individually and others working together to come up with the solution. This collection of puzzles was brilliantly done, and led to our completion of our trial!

We escaped in 44 minutes and a few hints when needed.

Both of these rooms were brilliant to play, well themed, great puzzles and fun! Don’t hesitate to make your way to Derby!


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