“You have been offered a place to study at the mystical University of Magic. In order to secure your place, you will need to cast spells, recite incantations, mix potions and battle with dark forces. Do you have what it takes to play this ultimate escape room and become the next Witch or Wizard of the University of Magic?”

We’d been eagerly anticipating this room since we first saw the announcement. Lucardo’s original 5 games were amongst some of the very first games we played, and we enjoyed them all. Mixing magic with an escape room setting could surely only be even better!?

When we arrived we were given the usual intro talk (there was another game booked at the same time as ours so we had to endure it). Then in came Professor Jack to guide us to the University of Magic. He played the character well, and after getting kitted out in wizarding robes and the background story, it was time to enter.

As soon as you enter, you see how much care and attention has been paid to the decor. It was a really beautiful room, really making you feel like you were at a certain magical school. Breaking immersion for one moment, it was strange to be in the same space as Contamination and remembering what had stood there before. What a transformation!

The first puzzles were really well thought out – lots of locks but with some really creative ways to get the codes and keys! The end puzzle in here got you into the apothecary – what a fun puzzle it was!

Into the apothecary then, and we did our usual unspoken rule of divide and conqueror. The puzzles in here were equally as creative and very “magical”. As we raced to the end point, we realised we’d missed something, and spent a good few minutes trying to find it! Again, the final puzzle in here was very “magical” and fun!

A slightly anticlimactic ending was the only thing I could say that was negative, but even that wasn’t really too bad! A bit more pomp and circumstance would have been well received, but it was still a brilliant game!

We escaped in just under 42 minutes, and became the record holders (I’m sure that will soon go to someone else)!

All in all, a really great well rounded room that is well worth a visit – if you can find any availability!

Thanks to Jack (again) who’s hosted all but one of our games at Lucardo – he’s great!

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