What do you do when you’re suffering from Escape Room blues? We’d just finished our mini escape-adventure in Kent, and had an itch to play some more rooms! So the obvious solution? Play all 6 rooms at a venue we hadn’t been to yet! We’d read good things about Trapped In Bury, particularly about Interstellar. We booked all 6 rooms the evening before and off we went on Friday morning to make our way to Bury!

tl;dr – our favourite room was Interstellar, and we would highly recommend it to anyone!

Ruby Factory

This was the first room we played – we tried to mix up the difficulty order throughout the day to keep things fresh, and starting with Ruby Factory seemed like a great idea. This room does look a little dated when you enter, and there were a couple of puzzles that didn’t work as they should, which is a shame; as the idea behind the room is a good one – steal as many ruby’s as you can and escape before your 60 minutes is up! This room is usually designed for a minimum of 3 players, but we decided to play as a 2. You can all be getting on with different things at the same time which is great for larger groups, but tiring for a team of 2! The puzzles themselves were good, and didn’t require any huge leaps in logic. We did need a few hints to get us going – this seems to be a theme with our first game of the day! One small frustration was that there are no microphones in the room, so the GM’s can’t hear what you’re up to. So when we had the code to escape, but we had it in the wrong order; a microphone would have meant that we could have been given a gentle nudge of “you’ve got the right numbers but not the right order!”, instead we didn’t manage to escape in time as we didn’t get any further clues on this.

Air Traffic Control

The second room of the day, Air Traffic Control, was another slightly dated looking room, however the props in here were a good fit for the room and we enjoyed the puzzles in here – a good mix of searching and solving. Once we made our way into the Control tower, we knew we were getting close, and there was a great prop in here which felt very reminiscent of what you see in the movies. There was a puzzle in here involving UV, which we felt was on much too large a scale and wasted time trying to find what we needed. Apart from that, we enjoyed this room and managed to escape in around 40 minutes after a few hints along the way.

Time Machine

Our third room of the day, Time Machine! The time machine room itself wasn’t very visually appealing, with duct tape stuck all over the place; however once you’ve moved through that and into Victorian London, the second room was much better in theme and props. A lot of searching required again in here, but we had fun with the puzzles – it seemed to flow really well and was heavy on the padlocks – a positive for us! Downside – a UV without batteries. You had to find the 3 batteries throughout the room, which is a real irritant for me; but perhaps that is just me and it doesn’t bother other people as much! We managed to escape in around 40 minutes again with a few hints along the way to help us out!


Halfway through the day and on to Game number 4 – CSI. This room felt a lot more modern and cleaner, with much better props and a really good flow. This room was definitely deserving of it’s 5* difficulty rating, with a lot to do in the hour! We did enjoy this room, as there was plenty to crack on with and it wasn’t overly linear so we could both be focusing on different things at the same time. We loved the use of the space and the puzzles were nice and meaty. The final few minutes have you rushing around with a clear idea of what you have to do, but you still end up in panic mode rushing to get it done in time! We managed to escape in around 53 minutes with a few hints again.

Crazy Carnival

The penultimate game of the day, Crazy Carnival, is more a form of torture than it is an escape room. The rooms looks brilliant, and has you playing a few different carnival games to progress through and unlock your final puzzle. We managed to work our way through these games in the first 30 minutes, and then it was on to the final “puzzle”. This is where the room changed from Escape Room to just plain tedious. Your task is to basically traverse a gigantic buzz wire that snakes all the way around the room, and it is very high up in places so a stool is provided. There are no rest points along the way, and no second chances. You have to make your way around the entire buzz wire in one go without touching the wire once. We managed to escape after around 48 minutes – 18 minutes after we had finished the carnival games! It is actually a fun room to play, but definitely not a typical escape room!


Our final game of the day, and an absolute triumph of a room. You can instantly tell this is their newest room – the room itself is brilliantly designed, the props were awesome and the flow and puzzles were a joy to play. This room doesn’t have a single padlock, and has you solving several different puzzles to get back to Earth. We loved this room, it wasn’t too search heavy and it was very clear when you solved a puzzle – there are doors that open when a puzzle is solved, and behind the doors it tells you what you solved to open it – a great way of keeping track of where you are up to! This was by far our favourite room of the day, and the final puzzle had us running around like crazy people to complete the game! Great fun to play and I can recommend this game to anyone!

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