We booked this room via escaperoom-budapest.com, apparently a 3rd party reseller for some rooms in Budapest? Turns out the venue is called LockedRoom, and it feels very ClueHQ-esque in the layout of the reception and the big screen where you watch a video of the do’s and dont’s of Escape Rooms. After watching said video, we were led down to the surgery to start our mission:

“You wake up in an abandoned hospital…

Regarding to your memories you spent your last night at a hotel’s conference room, listening to a doctor’s course. After the speech, the doctor invited you to his room at the hotel to have a drink with him… this is where the memories starts to get dizzy.

Escape the operationg room! There is no time to waste!”

Our GM was brilliant in delivering the story of this room, he was really enthusiastic and added a bit of comedy to the story. He was the highlight of this game.

On to the game itself then. A thoroughly average escape room, with typical theming and props for a creepy doctors surgery. We started the game, and for the first 5 minutes our GM forgot to start the timer, meaning we were unsure whether we were supposed to start the game or wait for something else to happen.

Most of the puzzles were padlock-solved, with some creative ways to get the combinations, which kept things somewhat interesting. There were also a couple of puzzles that were triggered from other actions, keeping things fresh.

A strong point of the room was the size – there were 4 rooms to play through, of varying size, to complete the game. This is something we’re big fans of.

The end puzzle left us a little confused, which I’m partly putting down to the fact that at this point we’d been awake for around 16 hours.

We escaped after around 40 minutes having had a few clues.

Clues were delivered by pressing a doorbell at the entrance door and waiting for the GM to respond over the microphone.

Whilst there was nothing particularly bad about the game, there also wasn’t anything amazing about it either. One to play if you’re close by and have some time to kill, or are playing other rooms in the close vicinity (an easy thing to happen in Budapest!)

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