Not strictly about a room, but I thought I’d branch out a bit!..

So on Saturday we finished a marathon week of Escape Games. Over 8 days, we played 38 games across 8 cities and 15 venues. For some people that might just be an easy going week, but as the first time playing at this velocity, it left me tired and irritable at times, to say the least! We played some brilliant rooms, and I’m hoping to write about those soon in more detail! We’ve escaped dungeons and towers, played with the devil, boarded a pirate ship, looted treasure, and raced against the dinosaurs. We’ve solved the conspiracy of the underworld, been in a serial killers lair, travelled to hell and back, and solved a not so mysterious and comical murder mystery.

We clocked up 1300 miles and spent around 20 hours driving. The highlight of the week for me has to be Mutineers at Tulley’s Escape for the sheer scale and design of the room. In terms of game hosts, The Panic Room win by a mile, with a special thank you to “Spammy” (Sam) and her bants hosting our 100th game!

Shhh. Don’t tell Danny, but I’m already planning the next time we can have another week like this!

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