Having booked this room in April, we were really looking forward to coming to play Escapement’s new room The Pit. We’d saved this game for the end our our trip, and it was also Room 150!

A brief blurb from Escapement’s website about The Pit:

“Sent deep underground you and your team of miners will need to save the planet in this epic journey to the centre of the earth!”

After a brief chat with Lewis, Mica, Dave and newbie Liam, and a small hiccup before we started (Dave and Bluetooth apparently don’t get on well together) we were ready to journey to the centre of the earth!

The briefing was brilliant, with lots of enthusiasm from Lewis getting us pumped for the hour ahead! We donned our construction helmets and were unceremoniously led into The Pit and the door slammed shut behind us. We were on our own!

First impressions – a dug out pit. In any other industry, that would be probably be a bad thing. In the world of escape rooms, it’s all about the theme! It really was great down at the centre of the earth, with lots of interesting puzzles to crack on with!

The first mission was to turn the lights on – don’t worry, this isn’t a room that’s dark for the sake of being dark! It worked well and you have other light sources in the meantime.

Some really creative puzzles in here, with a mix of good old fashioned lock and key alongside tech and other puzzles!

As you progress through the game, you really do get the feeling of being further and further down in a pit. Embrace the theme, and it’s a true experience and adventure rather than just “solve puzzles and escape”

Of course, you do still have to actually escape, which we managed to do in under 55 minutes with a couple of clues along the way! A great end to another mini escape adventure, we can’t wait to come back and play more rooms soon!

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