“As reality shows dominate your televisions, Clue HQ have decided to team up with Clue Tube to bring you the latest Escape Room, but with a twist.  Face trials concocted by the genius minds of Professor Errol Tepet and Dr. Psik as you compete for the prize of your life! Can your team reach Floor 13 before time runs out? Come on down and see for yourself! You could be the next reality television star. That is, if you can make it out in one piece. Sign up now to take part in the pilot episode of The Hellevator!”

We’d been eagerly waiting for this game to open before planning a trip to Birmingham to finish off ClueHQ’s games. After the additional health warnings for this game were read to us, we were led over to the entrance of The Hellevator! We had to be separated for the start of the game, and whilst this felt a little underwhelming upon entering, the execution of the first puzzle makes this more understandable. After a fun intro video, the timer started!

This room is in a relatively small space, and as a 3 felt just about right, and could have perhaps held a 4th comfortably, but anymore would have been overkill.

The puzzles were well thought out, all leading to you making your way back up to the Ground floor to escape. There was a good mixture of puzzles, and as a linear game, it’s great that the puzzles were designed for a group to participate in at the same time.

This room is definitely not as scary as it may initially seem, but there’s some good use of mechanics to add to the scare factor. We escaped in 55 minutes, and it felt a well deserved escape, and we enjoyed every minute of being in there!

Our host was friendly, and gave us subtle clues when needed, as always with ClueHQ.

A good game well worth playing if you’re in the area or to play alongside their other games!

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