After a 49 day break (not that I was counting), we put our rusty escape hats back on and decided to play the newly opened Curse of the Golden Lion at Wirral Escape Rooms.

We arrived in the zone ready to play! After a brief chat, we were ready to enter! The back story was fun, with music coming from the room, tempting you in!

As you enter, you can see the amount of detail that has been put into the decor. It was really well themed, and there was lots of things to go and inspect and search and solve!

There was a good mix of puzzles in the first room, and some dreaded searching! FYI, my teammates love the searching, which is fine by me! There was plenty going on so that we were all kept busy either working on different things, or working together to solve something.

Onto the second part of the game, and again, the decor and theme was brilliant, really well thought out. Another strong mix of puzzles, and lots of locks! Oh how we love the locks!

I don’t think there was any point in this game where one of us felt a bit like the third wheel. We were busy the entire game, and at a nice pace as well. As you progress through the game, your main aim is to collect the Golden Lion, but there are also some extra puzzles along the way, for those so inclined!

We found the Golden Lion after 48 minutes, and at the point we had also collected 2 of the 4 bonus items. With 12 minutes left on the clock, we started working on the 3rd and 4th bonus, securing the 3rd one. The 4th item got away from us, and with 2 seconds left on the clock we made our hasty exit!

We loved this room, there was loads to do, great themes and great hosts. Amy and Ian were great, and we stood talking for a good half an hour before I had to drag my teammates away to the car (I had work in the morning!).

I definitely recommend you go and play this game, you won’t be disappointed!

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