Our final room at Escape Quest, and we’d saved the most difficult for last – 13th Element! We went as a team of 4, a break in our usual team of 3; as this room demands a minimum of 4 people due to the difficulty of the room.

As always a very warm welcome from Elaine and Mike, who I could happily sit chatting to for hours about Escape Games. After signing our lives away, it was on to the background story.

From the website:

“Dr Argon.has taken scientists prisoner, and is forcing them to attempt to harness the power of 12 rare elements, combining these will activate and power the rarest element of all – The 13th Element, this is the element of immortality and its power can only be used by one person.

Your task as agents working for the S.S.B is to enter the building, infiltrate the lab and work together to harness the power of these 12 elements, once the 13th element is activated you need to enter Dr Argon’s office, initiate the self destruct sequence & get out fast.

You will need to work quickly as the extremely high levels of electromagnetic energy inside the building will render our equipment ineffective after 60 minutes and all communications will be lost.  If this happens you’ll be trapped inside and at the mercy of Dr Argon.”

So finally, the time had come to enter the room! The first part of this game had you working together to solve puzzles which would ultimately lead you into the lab. Some great puzzles in here, a nice variety so there will be something for everyone.

And then it was time to enter the next room – 12 elements, 12 puzzles to retrieve them (Lord of the Rings , anyone?) This has by far been one of my favourite rooms of any game I’ve played – slightly overwhelming at first, the sight of that many puzzles laid out in front of you – but no time to ponder, we just got stuck in! Naturally with 4 of us in the room, and the number of puzzles to solve, I didn’t get to see how each and everyone played out, but the puzzles I had a hand in solving were a dream – everything made sense, there was no ridiculous leaps of logic, and they were difficult enough to keep you nice and busy.

Then we finally got to enter Dr Argon’s office, where we had to find the code, initiate self-destruct, and run!

We escaped in 53 minutes, sweaty and out of breath! This is one of the best rooms we have played, and I highly recommend everyone to go and play! Heed their warning though, and take the minimum of 4 players with you!

And in the meantime, I’m counting down the days until Escape Quest open their new room, House of Illusion, opens next year!

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