We had previously agreed that, due to some not so great experiences at another The Escape Room franchise, we wouldn’t bother playing anymore games. However, we were able to secure Sherlock, their most difficult game, at a good rate, so we decided to go along!

I’m glad we did. We all enjoyed playing Sherlock, and found some interesting puzzles in the room. There were definitely some bizarre leaps in logic as we had seen previously in the other franchise rooms, however our GM, Liam, was able to steer us in the right direction when needed to help us out.

A couple of elements in the room needed a bit of a refresh as the decoration was worn and some things had been ripped off the wall etc. However the staff there, who are super friendly, acknowledged this and said it was a work in progress.

The last puzzle brought us all together to solve and was definitely the best part of the game, and it fit into the story nicely, and felt very “Sherlock Holmes”

Clues, as usual with The Escape Room, are given by pressing a switch and waiting for the GM to come into the room. I really dislike this delivery of Clues and much prefer a screen. I know that some people don’t mind these clues though!

All-in-all, a good room that is worth playing when you’re in the area!

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