I’d been looking forward to this room since the moment I came across it on their website, and more so after seeing the standard of their rooms in Manchester – all rooms we’ve played at ClueHQ have been consistent, and good experiences. They aren’t up there with Extremescape (but then, who is) but equally nothing in any of their rooms has ever frustrated me or made me want to rage!

Sacrifice is slightly different in that your team is split up, and races head to head to escape.

Pinched directly from their website:

“You wake up, blindfolded and disorientated, with no recollection of how you came to be here. You quickly learn that in order to escape you must compete for your life. Every human must face this test at some point in their lifetime, to seek out the survivors and eliminate the unworthy. In this race against time and your friends, will you be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for your own survival? You have one hour to prove yourself; it’s them… or you.”

We played Sacrifice as a 2v2, and as it was my turn to “volunteer”, my teammate was my 9 year old stepson.

So, as promised from the description, we voluntarily blindfolded ourselves and were led into our seperate rooms, where we had a quick intro voiceover, removed our blindfolds, and the timer commenced!

This room had a wealth of different puzzles to get the grey matter working, and they all flowed with ease, keeping you busy throughout the game. It’s a very small room, so you will make a mess! One of the puzzles involves both teams working together to progress in the game, and then it’s back to competing against each other!

Clues were delivered via screen and had to be requested. Each team are allowed 3 clues for whatever puzzle they are on, but if at any point you are both on the same puzzle, you can ask for a neutral clue free of charge.

Our host, Jack (or Agent Buble as he wrote on our voucher) was excellent – super friendly and enthusiastic, delivering subtle clues to help push you along.

We had a technical issue in our side of the room which meant one of the puzzles wasn’t working, however Jack was quick to apologise and sort out for us, and gave us a couple of extra minutes for the inconvenience.

Unfortunately my 2 other rivals/teammates managed to beat me to the escape, albeit by a matter of seconds! This room was brilliantly competitive and we all left really hyped from playing.

I highly recommend this room, and although they do allow you to book 6 people, I would recommend a maximum of 4, to play the room as a 2v2.

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