“You stormed the President’s palace. El Presidente has fled but will be back with reinforcements – in one hour. There are riots in the streets, demanding immediate reforms. Can you manage to win over the most influential people to your side, before the president returns? If not, you will be kicked out of the palace and arrested faster than you can say “Ay Caramba!”

Now it is up to you to seize power!

A revolutionary game design that allows you to vote on reforms and improve popularity. Are you able to draw all the influence groups on your side before El Presidente comes back with reinforcements? The clock is ticking…”

Cameron was our GM for this room, and he was brilliant as the leader of the Revolution – he played the character with such enthusiasm and really set the scene for the game ahead of us! And what a game!

We loved this room, and the gameplay is something we haven’t experienced before. The main idea is to win over the five factions that currently support El Presidente, and to make the revolution a success. In order to do this, you must solve puzzles and make decisions on a number of different things. That’s as much as I can say without giving too much away – it really was brilliant!

This room requires you to absorb a lot of information, and I would almost class it as search heavy, but without the frustration of other typical search-heavy rooms. You need to be on it from the start, as there’s not really any chances to sit back and contemplate things. This made the room all the better, with you constantly on edge and ready for the next steps to progress through the game. You only get so many chances to influence the Presidente’s factions over to your side and succeed.

Great use of props in the room made everything feel well integrated, with nothing feeling out of place.

Cameron was brilliant throughout, giving us the gentle nudges we needed to progress. We managed to succeed after 37 minutes, winning over all five factions and making the revolution a success!

All I can say is, go and play this room! And remember… Don’t Panic!

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