Having visited The Panic Room in Nov-17 to play all 10 of their open rooms at the time, we were very much looking forward to coming back again to play some more rooms! This time round, we had 4 rooms to look forward to – Resurgency, Revolucion Ole, Enigma; and Pocahontas.

The first we played was Resurgency, seemingly a “blast from the past” based on previous games which we didn’t get the chance to play!

“Resurgency is an explosive 60 minutes of fun for everyone!

Brendan Last has escaped from prison and the rascal has setup in an abandoned factory but we found him! Sadly he knew we were coming and rigged up a bomb. He likes to play games and will give you a chance to defuse the bomb.

Can you defuse it in time? Find out now!”

After a short briefing, it was time to get started! First thing’s first – time to power on the lights! This room starts with flashing lights – after a couple of minutes this did get a bit tedious, and I get that it is intended to add to the tension, but if you’re struggling to solve the puzzle (us, basically) it can become tiresome. We put this down to a slow start after a 5 hour drive, and better teams will probably have the lights on in no time!

The rest of the game had great flow – linear puzzles but with enough meat to each puzzle for 2 or 3 people to get involved every step of the way. Some great tongue-in-cheek Panic Room tropes in here made it a really fun room to play. There was a good mix of searching, locks and tech to keep everyone entertained, with one particular puzzle testing your team-working skills – be on your game!

We didn’t have much luck with the penultimate puzzle due to a slight issue – when working properly, I imagine it would have been great fun to do!

So, did we escape? Find out in the mini spoiler below – I don’t class this as too much of a spoiler, as this part is revealed during the briefing anyway, but I like to be cautious!:

We “completed” the room in around 51 minutes, however we incorrectly diffused the bomb meaning we all exploded… and died… 🙁


Our GM was great fun and gave us the right clues when we needed them!

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