Pirates of Polaris was the final room of our week-long escapeventure, and what a bang to go out on! I think this may have been the third or fourth Pirate-themed room we played at the time, and it was incredible!

“Trapped onboard the ship Polaris, you and your crew of have been thrown in the brig, however, there’s been a mutiny onboard and all remaining crew members have abandoned ship!

Navigate the stars and the seas and figure out how to sail the ship through thunder bolts and lighting back to land!”

Onto the movie set room. This game is absolutely stunning. The theming is fantastic, with excellent use of space and multiple rooms to play through, all creating a proper nautical/pirate theming. We absolutely loved this game, and spent a bit of time just looking in admiration at it all!

The puzzles – a triumph. All were in-keeping with the theme and suitable rusty without being actually rusty and ruining our clothes! Great use of wooden, mechanical, and mag puzzles in here really tied everything together.

The final room was just, wow. I don’t want to give too much away, but suffice to say that the website lists this room as containing genuine parts from a 130-year old ship. That’s definitely correct.

This game should be top of any pirate-theme lovers list, and hell, in the top 10 of anyone else’s must-play games.

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