Pirate Ship (and indeed ExtremEscape in general) was a room we played quite early on in our Escape Hobby Addiction, having been recommended by Elaine from Escape Quest. We didn’t really know what to expect when we booked the room here – at this point none of us had really spent much time reading reviews of rooms, and we weren’t even members of the Facebook group.

So we set off in the car, postcode in the trusty sat nav; and suddenly, we’re on a long single track lane heading down to a farm – was this right? Had we gone the right way? Surely not! But no sooner had these thoughts crossed our mind, we saw the sign reassuring us that this was indeed ExtremEscape.

At this point, our curiosity had kicked in – we were at someone’s home – you follow the arrows to Extremescape whilst listening to sheep bleat away on the field in front of us. We knocked on the door, apprehensively wondering what to expect – and were greeted by Jesse, who, along with her family, owns/runs/designs all elements of ExtremEscape.

As soon as we entered the barn, which houses the escape games, we knew we were in for a treat. Just walking in, you could see the amount of effort that had been put into this place. The decor was perfect, and really set the tone for an escape room.

At 230 words, maybe it’s time to get on and talk about the actual room itself…

After a brief chat with Jesse, we were led upstairs to the waiting area for Pirate Ship. Time to go in to the pre-room, where we would hear the story of the Pirate Ship. The design of this “pre-room” rivals some entire escape room experiences – the decor was absolutely stunning, it felt like we were on a Disney movie set! And then, the door to the pirate ship swung open, and our 90 minute countdown began!

Wow. I think we spent the first couple of minutes just soaking in our surroundings – walls clad with wooden planks, old pirate chests sat waiting to be unlocked, portholes housing clues, itching to be opened. I could swear we were about to star as extras in a certain pirate-themed movie series.

The puzzles in this room were fantastic – every element had been well designed, and felt like it belonged on a pirate ship. There was a good mixture of puzzles, with the start of the game being fairly non-linear, all 3 of us got to work; and then as you progress you’re brought together for the amazing end-puzzles.

The use of magnetics in this room was, again, well thought out – no wires hanging anywhere, no visible signs of what to expect – when certain events were triggered, you were shocked to realise what it had indeed uncovered.

The end-game puzzle was just pure fun – we escaped after 75 minutes, so at that end-game point, it was nice to have a fun puzzle to end on.

This rooms sits proudly in our Top 10 list, and, nearly 3 months later, I can remember exactly what the room looked like, and how much fun we had there. This game is an absolute must for anybody, whether beginner or enthusiast. We played as a 3, which worked for us, but given the scale of the room, up to 5 people could play comfortably.

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