Our second game of the day at LockedIn Games, which from the website we had been looking forward to, as we do like a little bit of the “creep factor”.

The premise here is that the little girl was the only family member who survived, and you need to follow in her steps to escape.


“For most people, their home is a place of safety and refuge. But what if the one place you should feel safe becomes your prison? For the Beechworths, their large Victorian house was a source of both pleasure and pride. But one fateful night, every one of their servants vanish without a trace, the doors and windows are locked tight and the family are trapped inside. No one knows for sure exactly what happened to the Beechworths in the hours that followed but by morning, only one member of the family had survived. Follow in the footsteps of nine-year-old Anna-Mae and see if, like her, you can escape before it is too late.”

We entered this room in the dark, where we listened to a little girls voice, and the lights came on and the countdown started. I don’t mind a little bit of dark, as long as it’s not a struggle to actually work the room, and the balance here was just right. The decor here had elements of being a nursery but felt a little lacklustre in parts, however it could also be viewed as “old fashioned” which I suspect is what they were going for!

This room had a fair amount of searching involved – I’m not a big searcher in general, however in this room it really did feel a little over the top, and left me feeling a little frustrated. Searching aside, all the other puzzles were again, well thought out, with a fair amount of thinking required to solve. No massive leaps of logic anywhere but some puzzles were time consuming.

A puzzle towards the end of the game brought us all together, and took me back to my own childhood!

We managed to escape in just under 55 minutes with a couple of clues, again delivered via screen.

Again, not necessarily a Room I would recommend booking solo, but worth playing as part of a wider selection of games to fill up a day!

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