When we heard that a second venue of Lucardo was opening, we were very excited to see what new games we would have in store. Lucardo Rawtenstall opened with an existing game – Gem Runner, with a brand new game (Corruption) due to open in the next couple of weeks, which we can’t wait to go and play! We were invited to play Gem Runner free of charge; we have previously played before at the Manchester site, so we were looking forward to seeing how different it would look in another venue!

Dave was our GM for the game, and told a great back story before leading us to the room to complete our mission:

“The famous 190 carat Saratov diamond from Russia is being deposited at the central bank in Rawtenstall. Lucardo has hacked the security system, buying your team a one hour window to steal the diamond. Can your team pull off Rawtenstalls biggest ever heist?”

And off we go! We entered the room and felt a mix of nostalgia from the Manchester site, and also just how different the space was – this room felt bigger and better, with more space and different puzzles to the original version. There was a great use of different props and puzzles throughout the room, and the highlight was venturing down into the vault towards the end of the game to complete our mission. This made the game for us, and it felt just like we were climbing down into an ageing bank vault to steal a gem!

The important bit, did we escape? Yes! In around 45 minutes if memory serves me correctly, and with a few hints along the way. It’s amazing how much you forget after 12 months!

Highly recommend this game, and I look forward to seeing what else Lucardo Rawtenstall produces in the future!

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