Game 2 of 24 in Budapest, and I won’t lie, at this point in the day, I was so tired from the 4am wake up! We’d been looking forward to this room, having already played a couple of “medieval” themed rooms in the UK.

Here’s the story:

“Jon Snow, the King in the North, has called for his banners, for all who are faithful followers of House Stark and true to their ancient ties, heed the call! Lord Galbart Glover, Lord of Deepwood Motte, gallantly accepted the call of the White Wolf and sent his army forth, towards Winterfell! He needs you and your group too as most loyal servants to his lordship. Due to an unfortunate errand you ended up stranded in the dungeons of the Boltons. Can you make it out to rush to the aid of your lord? Winter is here!”

Upon entering, it was clear to see where one particular room in the UK got its ideas from.

A slightly frustrating start with the first puzzle took longer than we would have liked – the idea of the puzzle is great but could be made better with one small tweak – a couple of strips of rubber! If you’ve played, I’m sure you’ll know what I mean!

Moving on from that first puzzle, everything else was great – some really great puzzles made of wood and iron – very authentic medieval feeling.

Progressing through the game was fairly linear, which meant at times there wasn’t always enough for all 3 of us to be working on something.

Heading into the second room, there were a couple of things to work on at once which I like to see, so we powered through to our exit!

We escaped having had a couple of hints, after 44 minutes.

Clues were delivered on a screen after a wave to the camera or when the GMs felt we needed a push.

Our GM’s were great, both enthusiastic and friendly for both this game and Amazon before it!

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