As part of our million mile drive around the south, we decided to add Escapement to our play list – I don’t think we could get any further away from… well, anywhere! But it was definitely worth the trip!

The first room we played was Egyptian Exodus:

“You are archaeologists, excavating the lost tomb of Ramses iii, so far, all of those who have entered the tomb have not returned. The tomb is guarded heavily by Anubis, God of the underworld.

Gravediggers and previous archaeologist have been rampageous in their efforts to discover the lost tomb, the whole crypt is in diss array.

Do everything you can to help Anubis and please the gods. But be careful, we know that Anubis is easily angered.

Your mission is to find and restore the missing canopic jars and allow the pharaoh to pass safely into the afterlife in order to make your escape.”

Onto the room itself – I call it a room, it definitely felt like we were in an Egyptian tomb, the theming was brilliant and the room had plenty of tricks up its sleeves as you progress through.

The puzzles all felt natural and fit well with the theme of the room. There wasn’t a padlock in sight (apart from one temporary puzzle which we don’t hold against them!) and this worked great in this room.

There was one element which I found a bit annoying involving smelling – however, as a group we’ve come to the conclusion that any music or smelly puzzles are just not for us. I’m sure the other 99% of players would love it!

The end-game was brilliant and tense, with only 4 minutes remaining when we escaped!

An excellent game, and well worth playing, especially if you’re planning a Kent-wide adventure!

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