This was the last room we had booked for our trip to Derby, having played Unescapable’s first room Tommy, an hour earlier. (Although we did end up popping into Game Over Derby for another fix in the end!)

This is definitely a room that will stay with me for a long time!

Here’s the back story: This portal was shut down after one of our researchers never returned. We have now re-opened it in order to find her and bring her back. From the limited information we have, we know that the portal has landed in 1872 in an old dressmakers workshop. We need to find out what happened to her, but we’ve heard screams coming from the portal and we’re too scared to go ourselves.

After Joe and Stu told us the back story and that it was definitely safe to use the time portal, it was time to travel back to 1872!

The entrance to this room was definitely one of the more interesting entrances to a room we’ve had so far! Upon entering, you’re in the dressmakers workshop, and it’s dark! This room really had the creep factor going on, just enough that you could still concentrate on the initial puzzles. And so the puzzles themselves – there were two puzzles that only needed two people to solve, however there was more to be getting on with in the room to keep others (me!) busy. A few distractions kept us on our toes and alert!

And then… the fight or flight urge really kicks in! You will jump, you will scream, and you’ll probably want to run walk really fast (or if you’re like me, send someone else)!

Spoiler Alert!

Edith was not alone!


A couple of twists in the puzzles were well thought out and really got the adrenaline pumping! We escaped in around 47 minutes, and I don’t think I’ve ever left a room so fast in my life!

As a group of 3, we loved this room so much, and I think it would work well as a group of 4 as well due to some co-op puzzles in the room.

Joe and Stu who designed the rooms and also GM them, were brilliant hosts. Subtle clues when needed were delivered via walkie-talkies, along with the occasional reassuring message! For a room that has only been open 6 weeks at the time of writing, they’ve really got it well refined!

I can’t recommend this room enough, especially if you like frights! Don’t let that put you off though, as an escape room itself, the puzzles are well thought out, the logic works and it was an absolute joy to travel back to 1872!

This is one of those rooms where I’d really love to be in the GM seat, watching the game unfold!



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  1. Oh i heard people talk about this room last weekend in the London Meetup .. i am not sure if we would be able to play it 😀 Great review

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