A much smaller scale trip this time saw us reach 150 rooms as a duo. 8 rooms and 650 miles racked up visiting Co-Decode in Swindon, The Panic Room in Gravesend, CTRL ALT ESC in Margate followed by the grand finale – Escapement’s newest addition The Pit!

We loved every moment of this trip – well, every moment except the 50 mile detour at 1am due to the M25 being closed.

The Panic Room have done it again with some brilliant new rooms, we particularly loved Revolución Olé! And with more rooms on the horizon from them, I sense another Kent trip later this year.

The pièce de résistance was The Pit, a room we’d been looking forward to since our visit last November, and a room we’d booked in April having to wait 2 months longer before we finally play!

We arrived slightly early to Escapement after an early finish, so took the opportunity to fuel up with a Costa trip.

A massive thank you to Lewis, Mica & Dave at Escapement for helping us celebrate our 150th room in style with cake and bubbly! Even if that meant delaying our glorious exit from the room whilst they tried to light the sparklers!

No good trip is complete without a visit to the pub, which swiftly followed the cake. Thanks for keeping us there until 11pm with a 6-hour journey home ahead of us (the room was booked form 5pm by the way). But even better, was the realisation that Lewis looks like non other than Daniel Radcliffe!

What a hobby to have, in an industry full of endlessly supportive and enthusiastic owners, players and bloggers.

Here’s to another 150 rooms. Just maybe not at the same speed as certain enthusiasts 😉

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