We visited the brand new Curious Encounters on the 9th July (unfortunately we did not have chance to play the original room!). As always a warm welcome from Elaine & Mike, and then on to the background story and the room!

Here’s the story: “Mr Copplestone aka “The Professor” is an inventor. His greatest invention is the world’s first time machine, built so he could travel through space and time to find interesting objects and life saving potions to sell in his curiosity shoppe.

Trials of the time machine have been taking place for many years and thanks to the brave testers, some who were unfortunately lost along the way, Mr Copplestone has a fully working and reliable time machine. Until…

Today, when something went wrong!”

Now, we’ve played 2 other rooms at Escape Quest, both of which we loved, so we had high expectations for Curious Encounters. It did not disappoint! When you enter the room, the theming is  brilliant and intrinsic to the era. There’s some great puzzles to solve in this room, and some great wow moments as well. There was a good balance of searching, solving and hands on puzzles for everyone to get stuck into.

All of the puzzles worked well, and we thoroughly enjoyed this room. We escaped with 8 minutes to spare, a very satisfying escape!

Subtle clues were delivered on a screen when needed, by Mike who’s judgment is just right when it comes to delivering the clues!

We will be back soon to play the final game, 13th Element, and are definitely excited for it!


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