Our first room at LockedIn Games, and also one of their first rooms opened. We had 4 rooms booked here today, and completely by accident ended up playing their earlier 2 rooms first, followed by 2 of their newer rooms in the afternoon.

Classroom of Doom was posed as a quest to work out who the thief was, and then escape the room.


“St Cuthbert’s School has a reputation for excellence, particularly when it comes to sport. There are few awards which haven’t found their way into the school’s impressive trophy cabinet. But one morning both staff and pupils are shocked to find a scene of panic and chaos. The school’s entrance hall is covered in broken glass and the prestigious Gladstone cup is nowhere to be seen. Was this illustrious sporting award stolen by a jealous pupil from a rival school or can the thief be found much closer to home? Your task is to find the culprit and defend the honour of St Cuthbert’s by returning the trophy to its rightful place.”
This room is fairly simple in decor, however it does look like a classroom – there’s small desks, a blackboard, and a bookcase. I’m not really sure where the “Doom” part comes into play here, it’s very much just an ordinary Classroom. The initial puzzles were simple enough to solve, but enough complexity to keep you thinking. A couple of the puzzles felt a little frustrating however with a couple of hints, everything fell into place and we carried on through the game.
There’s more to this room than first meets the eye, which when discovered alleviated some of my initial thoughts of the room. The end-puzzle worked well as a group and brought us all together to solve, which I do think is a good solid way to end any escape game.
We escaped in just under 53 minutes, having a had a couple of clues; which were delivered on the screen. We opted for the “gentle nudges” when the host felt we needed them, rather than asking for clues. Speaking of our host, she was enthusiastic and friendly, and was good at well-timed clues.
This isn’t necessarily a Room I would recommend you go and play specifically, however some of the newer LockedIn games make it a worthwhile bolt-on to fill up the day.

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