Due to timings, this ended up being the first room we played at Time Run, and we played Lance of Longinus second. Dr. Aubrey Defoe greeted us as we pressed the doorbell at exactly 1pm, and told us all about Luna Fox, Babbage, and the mission we were about to go on.

Once our things were safely locked away (for a maximum of 12 months, space comes at a premium in London!) it was time to start our adventure!

This game is slightly different in that there is no success or failure, only how well you perform during the hour.

Each room has a set time and you are scored on how well you perform in each room in the allocated time. Each room was brilliantly themed and felt completely natural to the time zone. The puzzles were a good balance of traditional and “crystal maze” style; and we loved each and every one of them!

Once the hour was up and our mission was complete, we were debriefed by our GM, who walked us through our score and gave us our team type – “Jack of all Times” – definitely suits us!

It’s closing at the end of the year, so get there while you still can, as it’s an experience not to miss!

I’ve got my fingers crossed for more rooms once these close, and we will be first in line to play!


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