“You step into an abandoned bunker only to find out that an asteroid is heading straight to our planet!
Fortunately you have a slight chance to successfully redirect it and save humanity.

Explore the bunker and find what’s hiding behind the steel doors and thick concrete walls!

Are you ready to save Earth?”

Our final game of Day 1, back at TRAP but at a different venue this time. This is something that came up at a few different Budapest games, so worth checking addresses of different games!

With a ubiquitous name like “Armageddon”, it was hard to tell whether we had played this game elsewhere before. Turns out, we had, at GamEscape in Liverpool (which has now closed down). That being said, it wasn’t a massive bonus for us – the room looked fairly similar, but there were still differences, and only one of the puzzles seemed to be the same as in the Liverpool game.

Upon entering and being briefed, we were told we would receive some further information once in the room. This information, and also clues, were delivered in a fun way I haven’t seen used before.

The game and puzzles itself then – fairly linear flow, with no massive leaps of logic required, and a mixture of traditional locks and modern switches/sockets etc.

There was one particular puzzle which seemed a bit strange, and in direct contrast to what you’re often told NOT to do in escape rooms – pull things apart. Progressing to the end game was great, with a clear indication of your progress visible once you had moved on from the first room. This left you itching to get through the puzzles as quickly as possible, knowing how many were left to do to get out in a decent time.

We managed to escape, in around 37 minutes, having only received one clue. A great game to play, and another great enthusiastic GM from TRAP. There is also another new room opening soon at this venue which looked promising – it will have to wait until Budapest 2.0 though!

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