After a very early morning start to catch our flight, and a few hours in our apartment trying to liven up, we made our way to our first game of Budapest – TRAP Amazon!

The Story:
“Wandering in the Amazon basin’s beautiful jungle suddenly you hear a crack under your feet…
You find yourselves in a massive, deep hole and it seems like there’s no way out.
Who could have set up this trap and what’s their plan once they find you?
Better not wait it out!”

We stepped into the jungle, a really well decorated room, with plants and trees strewn all around the room and several puzzles itching to be solved. It was a single-room escape; something I don’t always like hearing these days, but they’ve crammed so much in here that it was no bad thing!

There was a mix of padlocks and mag-locks in the room – we love padlocks as a team, so having a bit of both in here was well received. The puzzles themselves – some really creative puzzles that had us uncovering secret places, working out combinations, and making use of props to solve puzzles. The game flowed nicely, with multiple puzzles in play at any one time, great for our team of three.

We needed a couple of hints to get us going (4am start!) and we managed to escape in a respectable time of 44 minutes.

It was a great first game in Budapest, and I would recommend you play if you’re nearby and also combine it with the other games available at this venue.

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