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Nursery Nightmares @ LockedIn Games

Our second game of the day at LockedIn Games, which from the website we had been looking forward to, as we do like a little bit of the “creep factor”. The premise here is that the little girl was the… Continue Reading →

Classroom of Doom @ LockedIn Games

Our first room at LockedIn Games, and also one of their first rooms opened. We had 4 rooms booked here today, and completely by accident ended up playing their earlier 2 rooms first, followed by 2 of their newer rooms… Continue Reading →

Pirate Ship @ ExtremEscape

Pirate Ship (and indeed ExtremEscape in general) was a room we played quite early on in our Escape Hobby Addiction, having been recommended by Elaine from Escape Quest. We didn’t really know what to expect when we booked the room… Continue Reading →

The 13th Element @ Escape Quest

Our final room at Escape Quest, and we’d saved the most difficult for last – 13th Element! We went as a team of 4, a break in our usual team of 3; as this room demands a minimum of 4… Continue Reading →

The Vault @ ClueHQ

The Vault was the last game we played during our evening at ClueHQ Warrington. Again hosted by the wonderful Jack (Agent Buble), he told us that the main objective in this room was to collect as many poker chips as… Continue Reading →

Sacrifice @ ClueHQ

I’d been looking forward to this room since the moment I came across it on their website, and more so after seeing the standard of their rooms in Manchester – all rooms we’ve played at ClueHQ have been consistent, and… Continue Reading →

Sherlock Holmes @ Escape Room Stoke

We had previously agreed that, due to some not so great experiences at another The Escape Room franchise, we wouldn’t bother playing anymore games. However, we were able to secure Sherlock, their most difficult game, at a good rate, so… Continue Reading →

Curio @ Escapologic

I’m really not going to be breaking any new ground with this review, and can really only echo all the other reviews which, really, all say “Wow!” Here’s the story: “Alexander’s life was one big puzzle. Only a select few… Continue Reading →

Edith @ Unescapable

This was the last room we had booked for our trip to Derby,┬áhaving played Unescapable’s first room Tommy, an hour earlier. (Although we did end up popping into Game Over Derby for another fix in the end!) This is definitely… Continue Reading →

Celestial Chain @ Time-Run

Due to timings, this ended up being the first room we played at Time Run, and we played Lance of Longinus second. Dr. Aubrey Defoe greeted us as we pressed the doorbell at exactly 1pm, and told us all about… Continue Reading →

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